Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What do these things have in common?

So Bompa and I are sitting in the waiting room at Dr. DiFranscesca's office (foot Dr) yesterday afternoon for a 4:30 pm appointment.  There was a mix up the last time we were there and we are being seen by the partner today which doesn't really matter but I'm a detail person!  Anyway, while we are waiting Bompa starts talking to me rather loudly because he can't hear well so he figures nobody else can either.     Now the story he starts to tell ends up being about 10 minutes long and after about 30 seconds I can see that there is no need for me to try and remember the details because he won't remember them either.   So here are the people, places, and things that are all mentioned at some point and are apparently, in his mind, still related to one another.    The FBI, the war with Japan, the Willimantic Fire Dept, 500lbs of duck eggs (and he chuckles as he tells me about them), my sister Elizabeth, a fight between to politicians in Hebron CT, the Yankees, Steinbrenner, the Army Navy Game,  my sister-in-laws' inlaws, Dr Kelly the orthopedic surgeon, and lastly 500 baby ducks who hatched before anyone knew what to do with the eggs.  It really doesn't matter what the story was about because just listing the main ideas and people makes me start laughing. 
Oh and add to that the fact that I'm on his shit list because I didn't call the Red Sox on their dayoff yesterday and tell them to play baseball so Bompa could watch them last night.    And people wonder why I dye my hair hot pink??? It's so I look as crazy as I feel at the end of a very long day in the hell that is Alzheimer's!  Laughing really does help!

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