Thursday, August 5, 2010

where to begin...

During the day Bompa is much more lucid and knows how to do most things...but when he first got his rascal scooter, he took it out for a ride around the backyard.  When he got out as far as he could go, I saw him start messing with the levers that keep the steering column straight and the seat straight and I thought what is he doing?   Well, after a few moments, he drove around close to where I was and I asked him how it was going.  He said "how do I drop the blade down?"   Uh, Bompa, it's not a mower it's just for riding around!  He has spent so much of his life on his riding mower that he thought that's what he was driving.   I thought to myself, I really ought to just set him up on the mower.  He'd probably do a great job!

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