Thursday, August 5, 2010

Did you know I was on tv last night???

Last night around 10 pm I went into Bompa's "apartment", he lives with us if you didn't already know that. He added onto our house a year before Gram passed away.  Prior to that they lived 6 doors up the street so I could run up and down the street between the 2 houses.  Anyway, I went to get him headed to bed.  He had been watching the Yankee game (I record the RedSox for him to watch the next morning).  I told him I was going to bed.  He said you have to wait 5 minutes.  Because Christine Kisling is going to be on tv.  I said oh really.  Yes he says, can you go ahead so I can show you.  Uh no you're watching live tv and I'm not in New York right now, I'm here talking to you.   So he says, if you wait long enough you'll see that you're on tv.  There is, of course, no point in arguing.  Then he says just go to my channel.  I said Bompa you don't have a channel.  He says yeah on the cell phone I have a channel and if you put the picture of you into that thing that does pictures you'll see.  I'm speechless at this point I have no where to go with this story.  He then says, well you probably don't have time to do it tonight we can do it tomorrow.  Ok I say!  Then I'm about to turn and leave when he says...I couldn't sleep last night so I got up and watched the first 2 innings of the Red Sox game and then I fell asleep and when I woke up I watched the last two innings.  I'm thinking, no ya didn't cuz you don't know how to work the dvd, but i don't argue.  He explains that the Red SOx have to play 2 innings over again because the players couldn't agree on the rules before the game.  This explanation continued for 30 minutes and ended with the first selectman from Hebron CT (his hometown) finally settling the Red Sox dispute and allowing the game to be played again!

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