Monday, August 9, 2010

Keeping Bompa Busy

Bompa has a new hobby that keeps him busy all throughout the day.  Ice cubes!   He drinks crystal light iced tea all day everyday.  To keep his drinks from getting warm as he dozes he fills up his cup with ice cubes (that we make out of crystal light iced tea also so it won't water down his drink).  But he is obsessed with the ice cube trays.  They can never have any empty chambers.  So he is constantly taking cubes out and adding liquid to the trays.  He has some system that I haven't quite figured out.  He has one large "sippy" cup with a screw on lid and a straw, then some smaller cups.  He fills the small cup with ice cubes, then fills the big cup with cubes.  Then he adds liquid to the trays and puts them in the freezer.  He drinks from the big cup and leaves the cubes in the small cup to melt.  Then the next time he fills the big cup with ice he uses the liquid from the melted cubes in the small cup to fill the tray.  ??? I don't get it!  Then at night he takes both the big cup and the small cup into his room.  He opens the drawer on the bedside table just wide enough to set the two cups into the drawer.  Now, I have never seen him drink from the big no-spill cup during the night, just from the small cup which without fail he tips over into the drawer 5 out of 7 nights a week.  Now I have no problem at all with the mess he makes on the table, the floor, and the fridge as he is making his ice cubes, but my Gramma must be spinnin in her grave every time he dumps iced tea into the drawer of her Ethan Allen side table.  I'm gonna have to find a shallow pan to put in the drawer to contain the spills.   
      I must admit he is pretty inventive when it comes to problem solving.  I love to come around the corner to figure out what the banging noise is that I'm hearing only to find him chopping ice out of the ice cube tray with an 8 inch long butcher knife.  He uses the scissor tool on his swiss army knife to cut his licorice into smaller pieces, and the straw in his big cup doubles as a butter knife to spread peanut butter on crackers.  Gross!  I ask him why he didn't get a knife out of the drawer and he says aww this works just as good!   Okee Dokee Bompa!  I love ya!

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