Friday, August 6, 2010

A Happy Memory

Lots of my stories are funny but some are very happy.  The last few years that my Gramma could still talk to us she never used our names because she couldn't remember them.  She knew a few words and phrases but couldn't really carry on a conversation. In the evening, I always got my Gramma ready for bed and I tucked her in every night the way she tucked me in when I was a kid.  Every night I would lean over and give her a kiss and say "Good Night Gramma".  She always said "Good Night", back to me.   Every night for about 2 years.  Then one night, out of the blue, her reply was "Good Night Chris."    That was one of the best nights ever.  It was also the last time she ever said my name.  Not long after that she stopped speaking all together.  But it didn't matter because you could tell by the twinkle in her eyes that she knew who we were.  

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