Friday, November 5, 2010

Good Morning Bompa

So a few weeks ago, I woke at 6 and went into Bompa's apartment to say good morning.  He was grumpy.  I asked him what was wrong and he said "You told me we were leaving at 5 AM to go to New York this morning."  I said "No I didn't".  "Oh yes you most certainly did!" he replied.  I tried to explain to him that the day before I told him that I had to take the boys to the Dr for their physicals at noon and that he was going to come with me.  He continued to argue.  I told him I was sorry but he wasn'tgoing to New York today because I had to work and the kids had dr appts.  He said "the hell I'm not, if you won't take me I'll find someone who will."  He then tried to make a phone call.  He hasn't dialed a phone in over 2 yrs, nor has he talked on the phone in over a year, despite the fact that he tells me who called him each day.  Well, let's just sya he got really pissed.  He put on his coat and hat, no shoes, but coat and hat and he tried to leave.  When Jim and I tried to calm him down he got even madder.  I got whacked with the cane, and Jiim had to sneak up behind him and "help" him into the wheel chair before he fell and hurt himself.  It was quite an exciting morning!  Thank goodness for Dr. Qureshi and anti psychotic medication!!!