Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some of Gramma's Adventures

Gramma was always very active.  She rarely stopped moving all day so when she got Alzheimer's it was challenging to keep her safe because she was always getting into stuff, and she threw a lot of stuff away before we realized what she was doing.   She even "escaped" a few times when Bompa wasn't watching.  I came home from the grocery store one night and found her in my living room.  This was when they lived down the street.  Jim and the boys were in the basement playing video games and she was sitting on the couch like nothing was wrong.  I took her home and asked Bompa if he knew where Gram was. He hadno idea that she had left.  So we put new deadbolts on the doors that needed keys to open from inside or out.  One night she went down in to the basement and she came up the bulk head steps which brought her onto a screen porch.  Fortunately it wasn't cold that night because that's where Bompa found her in the morning.  She tried to come in the back door but it was locked and she couldn't figure out how to get back through the basement.  Bompa decided he had better keep her from going into the basement but the old door lock didn't work so he tied a piece of rope to the door handle from the basement side and then tied the rope to the railing to keep the door shut.  We thought we had solved the problem.  But Gram had other plans.  She was pissed that she couldn't get out so she pulled and tugged on the basement door until she got it open about an inch. She surveyed the situation, found a nice long bread knife and sawed through the rope!  Tne next day Bompa nailed a two by four across the door!  

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