Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ok Chuck Norris...get out of Bompa's head!

Yesterday was an interesting day.  Bompa came into the kitchen and asked me what was going on in our community.  I said "nothing new, why?"  He said "well there's something going on.  My brother Bill (who is deceased) sold me a brand new car and the keys are missing.  They were right here on the radiator, but now they are gone."  I relied, "I haven't seen any keys and the last I knew you had given up driving."  He argued that he owns a car.  Jim walks in and Bompa says "I gotta talk to Jim."  Jim walks over to him and Bompa starts weaving his tale.  According to him, Jim's friends were all shot dead in our backyard and then put into the trunk of Bompa's "new car".  Then the car ended up in the water in New London.  Bompa is worried sick because the registration in the car is in his name and the killers might be able to trace it back to us because Jim's name is on it too.  Jim tries to tell him that everything is okay and his friends are all fine but Bompa won't have it.  I try again to tell him to trust me that there is nothing to worry about.  Bompa turns to Jim and says, "well there was anote with the keys that are now missing and it says not to trust anybody, especially your wife!"  Jim chuckled and headed to the shower.  I tried to go along with Bompa's story at least enough to say the registration was changed out of his name when we sold his car so it won't be traced back to us.  He seemed to calm down a little after that.  As I was making dinner it dawned on me...Bompa had fallen asleep with Walker Texas Ranger on TV, and the headphones on his head.   He must have been dreaming and hearing the dialogue the whole time.  From now on we're sticking to the game show network, cuz nobody gets shot in those shows!

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