Thursday, February 10, 2011

Watch Out For Those Kids and Mow the Grass

Yesterday was a really rough day.  Bompa was angry that he is in "jail."  My heart breaks that he feels that way. I wish him swearing at me made him feel better because I will take it. But it doesn't.  The part of his brain that is lucid kicks on and off and when it's on he wants to go and do his own thing and is furious at me because he can't.  When it's off we have mornings like today.  He was in the bathroom and he had the door closed and the way his apartment is set up, he doesn't need to close it because no one can see in.  I told him it wasn't a good idea to close it because if he fell I wouldn't be able to get in because the wheelchair would be in the way.  He said, "well those kids were running around everywhere and I was naked so I needed to get dressed."  I said "what kids?" He said "those big kids that went on the trip with me."  He then proceeded to tell me about going somewhere very flat for as far as you could see.  A place where he could go in his wheelchair all over and not have to go up any hills.  I said "that sounds pretty cool."  He said "I had a good time, but I would rather go in the day time."  "Ok" I said.  Then he said" Oh and tell that bus driver not to let those kids off in my room next time because they run all around and mess with my wheelchair."  I said " ok I'll tell him."  He then proceeded to take a nap in his recliner.  About an hour or so later he comes into the kitchen and asks me to come into his bedroom because he wanted me to "take care of the grass that was growing under his bed."  I told him there wasn't any grass growing under his bed.  He said "the hell there isn't, it's long enough to mow."  I looked again.  I told him to look under because I didn't see anything.  He looks and says "I must be seeing things."  I said "you might be."   He shook his head and said "what's for lunch?

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