Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who the hell is Sylvia?

So for those of you keeping track, Bompa thinks he is going to be a millionaire and that he can buy Cape Cod.  But yesterday he added some more fun to the story.  Now, my Gramma passed away 2 years ago, from Alzheimer's.  My Grandfather met her when he was 12 years old and they got married when he was 17.  Last night he asked me where his wife and kids were.  I said, "What?"  He said "Where's Sylvia?"  I told him I didn't know who Sylvia was and that he was only married to Bessie.  He called ma a liar and told me if I read my mail I would know who Sylvia is.  Apparently she lives on the Cape (which is probably why he wants to buy it).  In fact, when we went away for vacation this weekend he told me to drop him off at the Cape and pick him up on the way back!   Personally, I enjoyed his last request better... He wanted me to call his special Canadian number, 343432, in the Village of Little Christmas Trees, and talk to the New York Stock Exchange about getting his million dollar check so he could buy the Cape.   Or maybe you'll like this one better...the other day he took me by the hands in some arms crossed secret code kind of way and told me he was turning all control over to me. I said Ok.  Then  he said that his brother Stan was in charge of the Universe and when Stan said it was OK, then Bompa would die and I would be in charge, because then I would be the President of the United States.  I'm gonna start carrying a tape recorder so I can keep it all straight!

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